Steam saunas

The steam sauna in our design, like all other products, is made to measure, according to your idea. The steam sauna provides a pleasant combination of high humidity and mild temperature and is thus fundamentally different from other types of saunas. The steam in the sauna is provided by a steam generator, which gradually doses the steam. With almost 100% humidity and a temperature in the range of 30-60 ° C, the steam sauna creates an almost ideal environment, whether for the treatment of asthma, circulatory disorders, or regeneration of the skin, muscles and the whole body. The recommended length of sauna in the steam sauna is 10 to 15 minutes. The steam sauna from our company can be placed in private or public areas.

Custom production

The construction of a custom-made steam sauna includes a thermal and waterproofing layer and paving or mosaic cladding of your choice. Inside the cabin are heated benches, steam nozzle and it is possible to have a shower in the cabin. The cab also includes lighting, a door and a control unit. All other elements and accessories are solved individually, exactly according to the customer’s requirements.

The choice of materials for the steam sauna is fully in the hands of the investor. The materials are available in various designs, according to customer requirements.

The customer has a choice in the field of various types of accessories, such as: Glass elements, atypical designs of benches and backrests, salt accessories, MP3 radio (includes FM radio, bluetooth and USB), various types of lighting such as. LED strip (RGB), or also star heaven (optical fibers).




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