Customized finnish sauna

Customized saunas in our design provide relaxation and regeneration. The Finnish sauna is the oldest, most common and at the same time very popular type of sauna. The principle of Finnish sauna is based on very high temperature (up to 110 ° C) and minimal humidity with the possibility of steam shocks. Finnish sauna pleasantly detoxifies the body, helps to lose weight, restores the zest for life, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, stabilizes blood circulation and many other positive factors. The sauna process consists of a several-minute stay in the sauna and a cooling stay, e.g. in the shower or cooling tub. This process must be repeated at least two to three times, but each person adapts to their own condition and feeling. After completing this sauna procedure, your body will feel relaxed, pleasantly relaxed and almost reborn. By regular sauna, the sauna will become your lifestyle.

Custom production

The wooden construction of the custom sauna contains thermal insulation layers and sauna cladding. Inside the cabin are benches, backrests and a removable grate. The cabin also contains lighting, a furnace, infrared radiators and a control unit. All other accessories are solved individually, exactly according to your idea.

For wooden types of cabins, there is a wide choice of the highest quality Category A materials, such as: Nordic spruce, thermal spruce (brushed), Canadian cedar, white aspen, thermos, thermal pine, linden, RADIATA, jels, abachi (African willow) and others. These materials are available in various widths and thicknesses. Moss decor can be used on the outer walls of the sauna.

The customer has the option of choosing different types of accessories, such as: glass elements, a-type design of benches and backrests, MP3 radio (includes FM radio, bluetooth and USB), various types of lighting such as. LED strip (RGB), or also star heaven (optical fibers).




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