Exterior saunas

Our company Sauny Patrik 7 also realizes sauna or exterior houses, which are of various shapes and sizes. As with our saunas, you can choose from various types of materials for sauna or exterior houses. We can make a sauna or exterior house exactly to measure – on a turnkey basis. The sauna house itself can also be made with an entrance hall, relaxation room, shower and the like. We provide free consultation and focus, which is necessary before each implementation.

Custom production

The wooden construction of the custom sauna contains a thermal insulation layer and sauna cladding. Inside the cabin are benches, backrests and a removable wooden grate. The cabin also contains lighting, a sauna oven or infrared heaters and a control unit. All other elements and accessories are solved individually, exactly according to the customer’s requirements.

For wooden types of cabins, there is a wide choice of the highest quality materials, category A, such as: Nordic spruce, thermal spruce (brushed), Canadian cedar, white aspen, thermos, thermal pine, linden, RADIATA, yelly, abachi (African willow) and others. These materials are available in various widths and thicknesses, according to customer requirements.

The customer has a choice in the field of various types of accessories, such as: Glass elements, atypical designs of benches and backrests, salt accessories, MP3 radio (includes FM radio, bluetooth and USB), various types of lighting such as. LED strip (RGB), or also star heaven (optical fibers).




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