Sauna heaters and control units, sauna accessories, custom-made furniture, cooling tubes

The ideal sauna experience is not only brought by the sauna itself, but also by cooling in addition to the sauna process. In our offer you will find several types of cooling tubs, cooling pools. Such a small cooling pool is a very modern, comfortable and popular choice of cooling in the sauna process.

Essential oils, hourglasses, thermometers, peelings, fabrics, sauna caps and a number of other accessories that will make your stay in the sauna more indispensable for the pleasure of enjoying the sauna. Equally important can be a stay by the sauna, in a relaxation room on an ergonomic lounger. We are ready to provide you with all these accessories, from the most common to the most exclusive.

The accessories include various types of sauna stoves, control units and other electronics such as LED strip, radio – MP3 player and others.




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