The Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna is the oldest, most common and at the same time the most requested type of sauna. The principle of Finnish sauna is based on very high temperature (up to 110 ° C) and minimal humidity with the possibility of steam shocks. In addition to pleasant relaxation, using the Finnish sauna detoxifies the body, helps to lose weight, restores the zest for life, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, stabilizes blood circulation and many other positive factors. The sauna process consists of a few minutes stay in the sauna and a cooling stay in a cooling tub or shower.

Steam sauna

The steam sauna in our design, like all other products, is made to measure, according to your idea. The steam sauna provides a pleasant combination of high humidity and mild temperature and is thus fundamentally different from other types of saunas. The steam in the sauna is provided by a steam generator, which gradually doses the steam. With almost 100% humidity and a temperature in the range of 30-60 degrees, the steam sauna creates an almost ideal environment, whether for the treatment of asthma, circulatory disorders, or regeneration of the skin, muscles and the whole body.

Infrared sauna

In this form of sauna, not only the surface of the body is overheated, but heat and infrared radiation penetrate mainly into the depth of the tissue and the required parts of the body overheat faster than in conventional dry sauna. The organism is overheated by the transfer of thermal energy by infrared radiation in the invisible part of the spectrum. The heat penetrates deep into the tissues and overheats all parts of the body faster and more efficiently. We recommend visiting the infrared sauna before sports or regeneration activities, or before staying in the cold. The sauna time in the infrared cabin is recommended within one day for about 60 minutes at temperatures from 30 to 45 ° C.

Combi sauna

The combined sauna is currently the most requested type of sauna tailored by you – the customers. The combined tailor-made sauna in our design offers a compromise for the use of all types of sauna within one cabin, while saving costs, space and time. In one sauna you can have a Finnish, infrared or even a steam sauna. Currently the most popular type of combined sauna is a double combination – Finnish sauna and infrasauna.



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