Cryo technology

Cryotherapy, or otherwise cold treatment, is a very modern rehabilitation and treatment procedure that has application in a wide range of indications. The method called whole-body cold therapy, was first tested by Japanese professor Tshima Yamauchi in the 1970s. The method then gradually spread throughout the world, and Slovakia is certainly no exception. Cryochambers and cryosaunas are ideal for placement in wellness centers, spas, rehabilitation centers or separate cryocentres.

Cryotherapy consists of the action of extremely low temperatures ranging from -110 ° C to -160 ° C on the human body for about three minutes. The goal of this treatment is to elicit a physiological response from the body to extreme cold. The effect of deep frost will not harm the patient in any way, due to the fact that inside the cryochamber there is only treated dry air free of moisture. As a result, the temperature inside the body does not decrease, even if the surface temperature of the body drops to plus two degrees.

Cryotherapy has a positive effect on the psyche. It therefore has a positive effect not only on human physical health. The level of anxiety and irritability decreases significantly, the human decision-making process and visual coordination is improved. Emotional control of the body, orientation in space and accuracy of thinking also improve.

Custom production

Cryochambers or cryosaunas are of a model nature. The investor has the opportunity for professional consultation and choosing the right model of size and design. Local cryotherapy is also available. You will find all the more detailed information in a personal meeting.

The customer has a choice in the field of various types of accessories, such as: glass elements, atypical designs of benches and backrests, salt accessories, MP3 radio (includes FM radio, bluetooth and USB), various types of lighting such as. LED strip (RGB), or also star heaven (optical fibers).