Barrel sauna

The barrel sauna is an outdoor sauna, which, however, impresses with its unusual design. Thanks to it, your garden will get an unusual, Scandinavian look. Its great advantage over other outdoor saunas is easy installation and trouble-free placement anywhere in your garden. Thanks to the solid base, it also has less demands on the space used. The outer surface can be either traditional, made of light Scandinavian spruce, or cedar, or heat-treated pine, so-called thermal wood – it is heat-treated wood that better resists moisture and is more stable in outdoor and humid environments. It is also less thermally conductive and more resistant to rot, decay and pests. The benches have a classic comfortable width and are made of aspen or alder. The sauna floor can be spruce or thermal pine. The roof is covered with durable Katepal asphalt shingles, on which colors can be chosen. The inner walls are coated with paraffin oil, which serves as protection against moisture and graying. The correct construction of the barrel sauna and the correctly dimensioned ventilation maintain the optimal level of oxygen and even heat in the sauna without fluctuations, which will ensure a pleasant sauna experience. Different sizes are available. Just choose the design, write us your idea.

Custom production

The wooden construction of the custom sauna contains a thermal insulation layer and sauna cladding. Inside the cabin are benches, backrests and a removable wooden grate. The cabin also contains lighting, a sauna oven or infrared heaters and a control unit. All other elements and accessories are solved individually, exactly according to the customer’s requirements.

For wooden types of cabins, there is a wide choice of the highest quality materials, category A, such as: Nordic spruce, thermal spruce (brushed), Canadian cedar, white aspen, thermos, thermal pine, linden, RADIATA, yelly, abachi (African willow) and others. These materials are available in various widths and thicknesses, according to customer requirements.

The customer has a choice in the field of various types of accessories, such as: Glass elements, atypical designs of benches and backrests, salt accessories, MP3 radio (includes FM radio, bluetooth and USB), various types of lighting such as. LED strip (RGB), or also star heaven (optical fibers).




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